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Imanadari is a Hindi word which can be     interpreted as meaning integrity,                              honesty, truthfulness and         sincerity. Essentially Imanadari             is about being true to        your self.


Welcome to Imanadari Counselling. We are here to help with

    Anxiety and Panic
    Depression and Stress
    Grief and Loss
    Relationships and Families (however *you* define them)

    Gender Identity and Sexuality
    Past Trauma and Family of Origin Issues
    Bullying and Oppression    

    Fertility and Parenting Choices

    Pregnancy and Postnatal Emotions

    Diverse Cultural and Faith Experiences

    Asylum and Refugee Concerns

    Addictions Counselling

    Neurodiversity and Autism/Aspie Spectrum Experiences

    Living with Long-Term Medical Conditions

Imanadari Counselling acknowledges that human diversity is a positive and essential part of wellbeing. Our aim with all people who come to us is to respect their fundamental right to express themselves as unique beings, whatever consensual form that expression may take. Medicare Rebates are available with a GP referral, and Bulk Billing is offered to students and those on a limited income. 

Feel free to browse around our site. Here you will find helpful articles, resources, and  information about our practice.

Contact Details and Location

Phone: 02 8315 7723

Fax: 02 5524 7071 

Sydney Location: We are located on Wattle St, Ultimo. 

We are a 15 minute walk from Central station, and 2 hours free parking is available in Broadway Shopping Centre and on nearby streets. We are also near stops for various bus lines. 

Melbourne Location: Please contact us for our Melbourne location.

You will be provided with exact address details once you book in for an Appointment. 

Reception hours: We have limited reception hours (usually between 5pm and 7pm) Monday - Friday. 

Please call at any time and leave a message; we will try to get back to you within two business days.

Alternatively, you can email: